A Room of One’s Own with Natalie Fergie

August 9, 2017

"There are a lot of post-its and marker pens, but the long piece of paper is the start." Novelist Natalie Fergie, author of The Sewing Machine, talks about her writing process, being surround by dye, and explains how 'the dog is integral to writing the book.'


The Sewing Machine is out now from Unbound: "A novel for anyone who goes to jumble sales, charity shops, American Yard Sales or Australian Op Shops. It’s for people who wonder who owned that old biscuit tin or the tatty cookbook with the writing in the margins, and who are intrigued by the stories these objects might tell."


This is our last episode for now, because we're off to Edinburgh Fringe! Our run starts ONE WEEK TODAY and we'll be there 16th-26th August with a free, daily-changing showcase of the best new writing and performance by women. See you there, and thanks for listening!


Editing by Rebecca Smith || Music by She Makes War


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